Database Architecture Solutions

Key Performance Indicators

We can help you build and manage your enterprise database architecture to provide you with a responsive, reliable, secure, scalable repository of your data. We don’t only offer Remote DBA services but we can also help plan, develop and manage the complete data-tier starting from the data access layers of your applications, whether using web services or component-based, up to the actual database servers and storage systems that you may have. In addition, we can also help develop cost effective business intelligence solutions. Hence, our database management solutions not only ensure a solid base for your data but we can extend these solutions to present you with key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business when you need it.

Remote Database Administration

We can provide substantial cost savings over full-time DBAs by having dedicated and certified database professionals cover your databases with 24x7 monitoring and support.

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Activity Analysis and Performance Tuning

We can perform exhaustive analysis the workload of your servers, tune the server configuration and optimize transactions and queries that are performing poorly or are putting too much strain on the server.

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Complete Data-Tier Development and Management

We have specialists who have the ideal mix of Visual Studio programming skills, database administration experience in platforms such as SQL Server and DB2 as well as knowledge of other data sources such as Active Directory, Access, FoxPro and even the file system itself. Hence, we can develop, administer and support the entire data-tier used by your company’s enterprise applications.

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Database Replication Design and Implementation

We have deployed highly customized replication scenarios to provide redundancy prescribed by business continuity plans of companies. In addition, we can also meet the specialized requirements that outsourcing has introduced in making data available across the globe.

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Database Conversion and Integration

We can convert or integrate heterogeneous data sources with various versions of SQL Server. Also, we can assist in the planning and implementation of version upgrades.

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Backup and Overflow DBA support

Instead of providing in-house 24x7 support, some companies may opt for us to provide support off-hours or let us take care of support when their in-house DBAs go on leave. We are flexible enough to work on various arrangements.

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