Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

Optimize SQL Server Environments

Structured data in the enterprise has been steadily growing, driven by the increased dependency on databases to save, process, and share information. Microsoft SQL Server forms the backbone of many business applications, including business operations, customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration, financial systems, web hosting, and data warehousing. Therefore, system performance and availability is vital.
Adan Consulting integrate tightly with Microsoft SQL Server for seamless data protection, automated and streamlined recovery, and optimized operational efficiency. This helps you save money on your Microsoft SQL Server deployments. In addition you can:

  • Availability of Microsoft SQL Server databases with storage virtualization
  • Reduce Microsoft SQL Server management costs with storage consolidation
  • Enable instant recovery of your Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Slash Microsoft SQL Server DR cost with WAN-optimized replication
  • Eliminate redundant data and shrink your backup repository by 95%

Enhanced database protection and instant recovery

Adan Consulting provides the highest level of awareness of SQL Server environments. Adan Consulting continuously protect SQL Server databases both locally and remotely at the most granular level to improve your recovery point objectives (RPO). Application-aware snapshots are space-efficient, 100% transactionally consistent copies of the database that can be used for instant database recovery to satisfy the most demanding recovery time objectives (RTO). Rapid, granular recovery maximizes data availability, which improves overall productivity for your company.

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Management consolidation for simplicity and cost savings

A consolidated storage infrastructure based on Adan Consulting Network Storage Server (NSS) allows you to virtualize storage resources in your data center and significantly reduce management cost and complexity. With its centralized repository, you can easily apply global data protection policies across database engines for a higher level of protection and productivity. It takes only minutes to create a new copy of your production database and assign it to a testing or development server.
Adan Consulting Thin Provisioning automatically allocates physical capacity to Microsoft SQL Server databases as needed. This simplifies the management of Microsoft SQL volumes and enables efficient usage of storage resources. In addition, you can seamlessly add capacity to your storage infrastructure and introduce new storage tiers or technologies.

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Optimized performance for transactional data

Adan Consulting intelligent storage virtualization solutions are ideal for Microsoft SQL Server environments. By virtualizing different tiers of storage, you can allocate storage according to performance needs. With FalconStor NSS Dynamic Adaptive Performance, the most active data sets automatically move to the highest performance storage resources. Performance adjusts dynamically based on application I/O requirements. You can use new I/O optimized hardware technologies such as Solid State Disk (SSD) to enhance the performance of your overall storage environment.

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Microsoft SQL Server backup and recovery

Adan Consulting optimize backup operations for Microsoft SQL Server databases. Adan Consulting Virtual Tape Library (VTL) enables high performance backup and restore to meet ever-shrinking backup windows of ever-growing Microsoft SQL Server databases. FalconStor data deduplication allows you to retain Microsoft SQL Server backup images longer while reducing your storage infrastructure footprint.

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